The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

Frequently Asked Questions

You are union...You are expensive.

No... This is not true. Very often, a customer has gotten other bids from other on union printers and we end up being the cheapest.

How do you get your customer's material done so fast?

We use state of the art material along with a very well qualified work force that has a great eye for detail, quality and efficiency. 80% of the printed material that we do is usually ready for pickup or delivery with 48 hours of approval.

What sets Union Copy Centers apart from other printers?

One thing we do is look at a prospective clients job and educate them on better ways to have the job done in being a more cost effective expense. A client for the most part does not know a lot about printing & mailing and many times this can save a client from 5%-20% on there job. In today's business world, for some companies this could mean a great savings. We believe in the old fashioned work ethics...give a customer a great product they can be proud of at a good price and on time and you will have them for a long time as a customer.